Midnight in Paris



      I can see why critics have fallen in love with Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (2011).  I also have fallen in love with this film.  I imagine you will to, after watching this film, especially if you are a Woody Allen fan. This film is filled with nostalgia for Paris.  It makes me wonder what it was like to watch this film, at midnight in Paris, at the Cannes film festival.

            Owen Wilson plays the lead male and Woody Allen archetype. I will say at the very first line of the film the Woody Allen persona shines through, almost too much. It reminds me of Annie Hall (Allen, 1977).  This wears off quickly and Owen Wilson settles in the person of the Woody Allen character.  Owen Wilson was a good pick for this role because he seems to have the timing for a Woody Allen film. I hope they work together more after this.

            This film is about Gil who is on a business trip with his fiancé and her parents.  Gil was in Paris before and comes to wonder why he ever left Paris.  His fiancé though is not as fond of Paris as he is.  One night, at midnight Gil is out, by himself, around Paris when he steps in to a car, who the occupants invite him in.  From then on, at the same time and corner a car picks up Gil, which gives Gil a new perspective to Paris.

            This film is a love letter to Paris.  It also deconstructs its own fantasy, if it did not it would seem immature of Woody Allen.  I do not want to talk too much about the film and give it away.  I’ll leave the review as is and hope you check out this film. You’ll really enjoy this film if you have a fondness for early 20th century art and Literature.

Trailer here

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