Hello I am Steven Paseshnik, I am a filmmaker. I have created this website to help make a more user friendly way to find the videos I produce. Here you will find a collection of live band sets, music videos, narratives: fictional and documentary, and the occasional movie review. I originally started this site at a movie review site but that fell to the wayside.

A little about me, I live in Grand Rapids, Mi. I work part time at a fast food restaurant. When I am not working I can be found skateboarding, riding my bike, at punk/hardcore shows, watching movies or playing video games. Some-times I feel I have more interests then I can keep up with but it always keeps me busy.

If you have enjoyed these videos I have produced please comment, share or consider donating. This will help me to continue creating videos with better quality, and most of the video are not paid for. So here is a link to my vimeo page where most of the videos have a tip jar.

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