The Hope Project: Behind The Mask 2018

The Hope Project began in 2006 as an outreach program to educate and inform the community about the issue of human trafficking. The more we learned and the more we became aware of the prevalence of this issue, we soon asked the question, who takes care of these children? What happens to the young women who are removed from prostitution? What treatment is available to help them overcome this life of pain and agony they have suffered? Lacking any satisfactory answers to these questions, we decided to provide an answer.

The Hope Project’s mission is to raise awareness of human trafficking and to bring restoration and healing from its effects. The Hope Project is in the process of opening a home in West Michigan for girls, 11 through 17 years old, who have been removed from sex trafficking. The Hope Project will provide residential and non-residential treatment programs. The programs will utilize a holistic approach to rehabilitation by providing comprehensive services to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Hope Project


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