What can be said about a movie about a rubber tire that rolls around the desert and blows up people’s heads with his psychokinetic powers?  This is what the film by Quentin Dupieux is about.  This may sound absurd.  Rest assured it is.  This is what makes it so fun.


            The premise of the film is that all films have one or more absurd moment.  The film uses examples from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Spielberg, 1982) and asks the question why is the alien brown or in Love Story (Hiller, 1970) why do the characters fall madly in love.  Then the film asks why did one try to wipe out the Jews.  The answer to these questions is “no reason”.  This film is dedicated to those “no reason” moments.  This is also a film that knows it’s a film, with other characters that watch what is going on.


            I believe this film is a satire on horror film and violence in life.  There is one scene when the tire is going to kill a woman driving a car but does not succeed.  The tire goes to follow the woman to a hotel. The woman checks in a takes a shower, but her front door is open and the tire is watching her.  This asks the question why is her door left open.  The answer has already been given to the viewer in the beginning.  Moments like these seem to permeate in American horror films.


            There are other places in the film and parts of the film that show the after math of the tire killing people or having already killed.  Earlier stated this could be a satire of violence in general, but I need to retracted that and re-state what this could be. This may not so much be a satire on violence in general; but more of a satire on the media trying to explain violent acts.  The other question the viewer might ask, “why is the tire killing all these people”, as stated before “no reason”.  I read this, as extreme violence cannot be explained away, as music or movies influencing children.  Why did that guy shoot up the theater or why did those kids shoot up Columbine? The answer has already been given.


            This film has a great formula to become a cult classic movie.  I feel it will not reach as high a status as other cult classics but will become one for some.  This is not a great movie but is a good one and a lot of fun too.  I would recommend watching this with a group of people.  I did not have the luxury as such, but felt my viewing experience would have been that much greater with a group of friends.


Trailer here

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